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About Us

We are not just a digital marketing agency; we are a dynamic force that operates both in the United States and across Latin America. Our journey began with a vision shared by our two co-founders who recognized the transformative power of digital marketing. Fuelled by their passion and expertise, Flow2Agency came to life with a mission: to guide businesses to flow towards digital success.

Our story isn’t just about us; it’s about you. We’re driven to help our clients navigate the digital landscape with finesse, using our proven strategies and services. From web design to SEO, social media management to branding, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that ensures your brand’s voice flows seamlessly across platforms. Our success is intertwined with yours, and we’re dedicated to creating a flow of excellence that propels your business forward in the digital age.

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Meet the Visionaries: Our Co-Founders, Guiding the Flow of Digital Success.

Juan Fajardo is a Computer Engineer and holds a Master’s in Business Administration, both from Florida International University. Juan Fajardo is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a strong background in both computer engineering and business administration. As the CEO and co-founder of Flow2Agency, Juan will be leading the team as the project manager, drawing upon his extensive experience in project management and technology implementation. Juan has worked in various capacities, from his time as a PMO Business Analyst at FPL, to his role as Supply Chain Manager at Hear.com, where he implemented technology processes for the startup. His experience also extends to serving on the Florida National Guard, demonstrating his dedication and commitment to teamwork and leadership. With his diverse background and expertise, Juan is poised to drive Flow2Agency to even greater heights.

Eduardo Meisel is a highly skilled professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from CESA (Colombia) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Barry University, accompanied by the prestigious Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate. He has a wealth of experience in marketing and sales, having worked with AstraZeneca. Additionally, Eduardo has proven expertise in website design, website development, SEO, branding design, community management, email marketing, and project management. Prior to joining Flow2Agency, Eduardo worked at PDBM Consulting, a company that provides technology solutions to the construction sector, and played a pivotal role in projects with the Miami Airport.

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Our Values

Assertive Communication

Clear, confident, and collaborative—our pathway to digital flow

Enjoying the Process

Unleashing creativity and joy in every step of your digital journey.


Your success is our duty; we own the flow together.


Dedicated to steering your business towards enduring digital triumphs.


Precision and consistency, laying the foundation for your seamless digital flow.


Fueled by an unwavering drive to see your business flourish in the digital world.

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Flowing with Confidence Clients that have trusted us:

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United States

Juan Fajardo
+1 (305) 772-3806


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Eduardo Meisel
Client Success Manager
+57 (316) 425-1529